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The Ike Harmon Band

The Ike Harmon Band plays original Cordilleran Tribal rock’n’roll, blues, folk and ballads. The resulting music is passionate and exhilarating as only masterfully-crafted and powerfully played songs can be. Song topics are of the moment, touching on truth and rebellion, love and empowerment, disenchantment and uncertainty, joy and transcendence.

Singer-songwriter, Ike Harmon, is a unique talent with a voice both powerful and sublime. Ace Texas lead guitarist, David Noriega, plays with mind-blowing intensity and grace calling on such seminal influences as Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix. Thundering Bassist, Ben Rafael McQuillin, conquers the low-end with spirited precision and avant garde abandon. While drum virtuoso, Emory Miedema-Boyajian, inspired by the likes of Led Zepplin’s John Bonham, plays drums that resound like a force of nature. The Ike Harmon Band promises an evening’s journey of soulful, dynamic and inspired musical excitement. Get Harmonized!

Friday, October 16th, 8:30pm
The Ike Harmon Band
The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi
All-age’s ’till 11pm, 21+ after that. Free cover!