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Ian Moore & The Lossy Coils

Bob Dylan said it best: “He who is not busy being born is busy dying.” Singer, songwriter and guitarist Ian Moore lives and creates by that precept.

It’s a way of living has led Moore from emerging as, at first glance, a teenage guitar prodigy in the early 1990s in his hometown of Austin, Texas to fruition as a full-blooded musical artist, now based on Vashon, whose rich and keenly intelligent compositions invoke critics’ comparisons to some of the most respected names in both classic and contemporary rock’n’roll music.

There’s a satisfaction in listening to how Moore absorbs the spectrum of music that he loves and finds inspiring and then follows his muse to places that awe, delight and touch those key, deep places within the human soul. As Harp magazine observes of Moore, “Since the early ’90s the native cool shotTexan has refused corporate molding in favor of freedom and the artistic rewards are staggering.”

It may have been Moore’s guitar talents that first won him attention. But as Tucson Weekly noted, “His recent albums have positioned him as one of the most soulful singer-songwriters around, and one of the most diverse.” Or as Seattle’s influential weekly The Stranger said not long ago, “Your new favorite artist has arrived.” Similar praise greeted Moore on his national debut nearly 15 years ago, because for Moore. the path and process to where he is going has always been his focus, and it has consistently made arriving at each destination that much sweeter…

A word about this all know what an amazing performer Ian Moore is and if you’ve seen his shows at the Red Bike, you know how quickly they sell out. There are only 100 tickets to this show….it’s going to be spectacular, so don’t be left out in the cold!

Get your tickets online here:
Thursday, Oct. 2, 8pm
At the Red Bicycle
17618 Vashon Hwy SW