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Heart of Vashon: Telling our story is complete!

We are delighted to announce that Heart of Vashon: telling our story is complete! We delivered all the project materials to the board of Vashon Maury Island Heritage Association last week. These materials are now in the permanent archives of VMIHA, offering a small peek into contemporary Island life as we roll into the 21st century.

We put together three notebooks containing all the original stories, the script we wove from the stories, brief demographic data about the writers, posters, program, invitations and all our background and publicity materials. There is a video of the performance and a CD of the story documents, MP3s and list of contributors.

We want to thank everyone who participated: Michael Barker, director, and the cast and crew who staged the Blue Heron readings; the audiences who were with us every breath; and especially the 150 writers who entrusted us and the community with their stories. The project would not have been possible without our sponsors, each contributing to make different pieces of the whole beautiful tapestry fall into place: Voice of Vashon, Vashon Allied Arts, All Island Forum and VMIHA.

Words may not convey the joy, pleasure, pride and gratitude we continue to treasure from our work on this community story project. It was an honor to receive what came pouring forth, a great gift of creative collaboration to weave the threads together and a special delight to offer it out to everyone with whom we share this wonderful Island we all call home. Thank you, each and every one!