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Harbor School’s Head of School Award Recognizes Stan Voynick

James Cardo (left), Head of School, and  Stan Voynick (right), Photo by Oscar Lewis
James Cardo (left), Head of School, and Stan Voynick (right), Photo by Oscar Lewis

Harbor School was founded by a passionate educator at the request of motivated parents. Since those first days, our school has relied upon the wholehearted support of its parents, alumni, and other volunteers to become a sought after and successful independent school. Often, from that group of supporters, a person stands out for especially great efforts and dedication that benefit our students and our school. When such people emerge, we recognize them with the Head of School award, as it is such investment and vision that hearkens back to those earliest days of our school’s origins.

On June 11, 2014, James Cardo, Head of School, presented the 2014 Head of School Award to Stan Voynick (alum parent of Lily, Class of 2011). Stan was a tremendous supporter and volunteer at Harbor School when his daughter attended but has continued to stay involved offering his many talents and countless hours of support. Whether teaching a Lower School unit on electricity, or orchestrating the annual auction’s registration and checkout procedures, Stan’s contributions exemplify all that is great about our community of supporters.

As a longtime parent and steadfast supporter, we are proud to thank Stan for his dedication to Harbor School.