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Gregg Curry & Ragged Glory

For Gregg Curry, Ragged Glory was a sound birthed from the radio of a Mercury Montego he drove down Southern highways in summer with the windows down. It was Dylan, The Stones, The Band, Neil Young, Tom Petty, and so many others making something raw sound so perfect. He just grinned and turned it up louder.

Now, Ragged Glory is the band Curry says he’s “lucky to work with because they get where I’m coming from and understand where the songs seem to want to go.” The band (Curry and Rick Dahms on guitars and vocals, Kevin Almeida on bass and vocals, Matthew Chaney on keyboards, and drummer Emory Miedema-Boyajian ) has evolved a sound around Curry’s original songs that is their own – a sort of rock-and-roll tent revival/minstrel show that mixes the sacred, the profane, and the in-between into a musical stew, new and familiar at once. The words may make you pause, the music may tempt you to dance, and chances are good you will grin like you do when you hear a song on a car radio and you want to turn it up.

Gregg Curry and Ragged Glory play on Friday, February 6th at The Red Bike. The Show starts at 8:30pm. This is an all-ages show ’til 11pm, 21+ after that and there is no cover for this show!
Friday, February 6, 8:30pm
At the Red Bicycle
17618 Vashon Hwy SW