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Granny’s Attic Celebrates Two Anniversaries

Granny’s Attic will celebrate our First Anniversary in Vashon Plaza and mark the end of our fortieth year of service during the Reopening on February 6, 2016.  The store will be closed for the annual facility maintenance, January 27 to February 5.

It has been a very busy year for this beloved non-profit.  

On June 13, 1975 the Health Center Volunteers, doing business as “Granny’s Attic,” opened to the public.  The first month’s profit was $1,120, of which $500 was granted to Vashon’s new medical clinic.  Their efforts marked the beginning of a remarkable support system that gave Island residents access to services without making a trip to Seattle.  
From that first year’s gross of $1100 to last year’s of $800,000 plus, Granny’s legacy is the support of the medical center for decades and, in recent years, bequeathing grants to medically related non-profits serving Island residents.
Something everyone can be proud of because our donations and purchases have played a part in the phenomenal success of Granny’s Attic.

The successful relationship between Granny’s and the Vashon Maury Health Clinic ended in 2014 when Franciscan Medical took over daily operations and no longer needed the financial support.  Granny’s profits are now exclusively used for the community, in 2015 over $271,000 was granted to Vashon Community Care Center, the Senior Center, the DoVE Project, the Scholarship Foundation, Youth and Family Services and others.
We have made ourselves at home in the larger and much more functional space and gained many more shoppers.  Productivity was boosted because everyone was now in one building and the flow of donations became much more efficient.
What hasn’t changed is laughter is ringing out in the sorting area along with ooohs and aaahs of admiration as we examine what new delights have been left at the donation dock.   

Thank you Vashon and Maury Islands for your continuing support, we look forward to the next forty years of serving this wonderful community.