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A Gift From The Mountain…To You

Holy Moly Mountain Moments, my first gallery photo show, is opening on Friday September 2ndat the Sunshine AND IDEAS gallery located at Parker Plaza, just south of the library.  Join me for an Artist Reception from 6-9pm which will include food and live music from local guitarist Steve Amsden.  In addition to the diverse array of Mt. Rainier photos, I have also included a medley of various nature photos from our beloved Northwest.  This is a must-stop on the Labor Day Weekend First Friday Art Walk.

Ever since I moved to Vashon from New York almost 7 years ago, I have been enthralled by Mt. Rainier.  I have been very blessed to rent many homes on Vashon that have had beautiful nature views, but they all left me saying “this view is gorgeous but it’s missing Mt. Rainier”.  All that changed over 2 years ago when a series of synchronistic events led me to a home near the Pt. Robinson Lighthouse where I finally got my mountain view.

At the time, I had a deep intuitive sense that the mountain was bringing me to it for a purpose, I just didn’t know what it was.  The only thing I knew for sure is that I had some work to do with the mountain.  Over time, it was clear that I was being given the task of chronicling the many moods, colors & expressions of the mountain.  I am deeply honored that the mountain has chosen me for this task.

Moving to the NW had already awaken a love and passion for nature photography but it wasn’t until I started living with the mountain that this passion turned a little more serious and intentioned.  The mountain has taught me a little bit about photography, especially the best ways to capture its beauty.  In the last 2 years I have taken over 1,000 pictures of the mountain.  For the most part, the pictures in this show are pretty much what the camera captured, very little touching has been done them.

My intention was to eventually share these pictures with the public but I honestly thought that would happen sometime in the future.  All that changed 2 months ago when the mountain came to me in a dream and told me that it was time to start sharing these pictures with the people.  That morning I printing out some of my favorite photos and put them together in a binder.  The title I put on the binder’s cover was “Holy Moly Mountain Moments”.  This name came from the many times I would open my eyes first thing in the morning, look at the mountain, and jump out of bed with a yell of “HOLY MOLY!” (expletive-free version) as I’d grab my camera and run outside.

As soon as I started to share the binder of photos, one thing very quickly led to another and POOF! the Holy Moly Mountain Moments Gallery Show was born.  All photos have been printed on canvas at Vashon Island Imaging and then wrapped around an internal frame.  This technique enables the photo to not only be seen from the front but extends onto the sides as well.  Truly a stunning way to share this beautiful art.

This mountain has truly gifted me with its loving presence and beauty and now I have the opportunity to pay that gift forward and share it with you.  I am so grateful for this opportunity.  May these photos touch your heart as deeply as they have touched mine.