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Free Zumba at the Senior Center

The Vashon Senior Center is an attraction to volunteers offering a fine assortment of opportunities to interact with islanders richly endowed by experience. Smiling abounds as people focus on group activities such as knitting, singing, playing various games and offering opinions on the state of Vashon and on lesser districts such as world affairs. There is even Tuesday afternoon Zumba offered for free at 1:30 pm, and led by the encouragements of Sara Van Fleet.  Sara brightens the Center and gets an assortment of the encumbered and slumbering to set their bodies in motion. She’s not the usual exercise leader. Sara’s smile and constant encouraging comments bring motion to tired muscles and stiffened joints, and before long the Zumba group is committing to the salsa beat even if it is in a somewhat freestyle manner.  
Sara’s musical wizardry, often on display with the Van Redeker the mainstay for this Zumba frolic. It is obviously a fun experience for her which quickly becomes the same for her appreciative cohort. The entire ensemble giggles its way through moving their feet fast enough to keep pace with a cha-cha-cha and other heel/toe delights. Moving the legs and arms in sequence and recovering better levels of balance in a rhythmic motion is the essence of the rejuvenating mind/body connection.

Sara Van Fleet knows that music and moving with its rhythms will heal more ills than pills could. She has been able to bring this wisdom to reality on Vashon by sharing her talents as a Zumba leader. People notice a quickness to their step when the cool-down and stretching is complete. The smile that has adorned Sara’s face from the beginning has spread to the other prancing dancers. The rest of Tuesday afternoon is now a promising adventures, and it has been the precious smiles that bear witness to it. Thank you, Sara Van Fleet for giving to the Vashon community. You contribute much. Come join the fun at the Vashon Senior Center.