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Finding the OM in h(OM)e

When we think about flexibility in yoga, we tend to think about the physical aspects. Are our hips open enough so that we can we take our knee to the side in tree pose? Do we have enough flexibility in our hamstrings to touch our toes in a forward bend? This physical side of the benefits of yoga is magnificent, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the spiritual, mental and emotional benefits of flexibility that yoga has brought to my life. In flexibility, we can access the present moment with so much more ease – and bring so much more ease to everything.

My husband, Michael and I (and our two dogs, Lucie and Miele) have been in temporary living situations for a year and a half now while our new home is being built. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to find rental homes directly on the water as we acclimate to our new island life. Yet, long-term rentals are hard to come by on the island, and we are preparing to move to our fourth (and thankfully, final) rental house.

It’s been an amazing adventure, and, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world – but I’m very aware of how a lifestyle that emphasizes yoga and meditation are contributing greatly to my ability to remain flexible and centered through this tumultuous process. As someone for whom the concept of a clear, strong, stable home space feels essential to well-being, this situation has definitely been challenging. I’m convinced that the ability to maintain a flexible attitude is directly connected to more joy, harmony and happiness – and, most importantly, the ability to remain present – what we are all seeking.

Everyone has challenging situations, and some, of course, are more challenging than others. If we can lean into the situation or circumstance from a place of flexibility, from alack of resistance and an ability to remain open, many miracles, large and small, start to become apparent. It’s a daily, ongoing process; as Jonathan Fields of says, “There is no ‘there-there.” In other words, we never arrive at a place where these tools, teachings and practices no longer serve us in our journey or we stop growing. Be sure to listen to the episode with Neil Pasricha – it’s one of my favorites.

When my son was young, I used to say to him often, “What you resist persists. So just stop resisting.” I hope those words had some impact on him. A wonderful book about the power of non-resistance (i.e., flexibility) is The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer It’s the incredible story of how the author’s life unfolded in unexpected and wonderful ways once he made the decision to go with whatever presented itself in his life.

I’ll be offering a six-week course beginning this June, Yoga for Flexibility and Mindfulness, at CoreCentric Elite Personal Training Center More details on that next month, but if you live on Vashon suffice it to say for now that the practice will increase your strength and flexibility and also increase your ‘inner flexibility.’

Being flexible and open led me to meeting my wonderful radio cohost, Rachel Waldron of
I’m super-excited to announce that “Inner Space,” our new radio show, will begin airing on the second Sunday of each month, starting on April 10 on KVSH FM, 101.9 . We have had a blast doing the first six episodes and are excited about future possibilities for the show. Please listen in - and let me know what you like best about it and if there are topics you’d like us to address in the future.