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Fendershine is a Puget Sound rock band whose music spans a gamut as wide as the corners of the country from which its members hail. Arkansas swamp rock, Minneapolis post-punk pop, Bay Area psychedelic doo-wop, Boston folk-punk and Idaho panhandle prog-metal have been stirred up in the artistic, Pacific Northwestern mixing bowl of Vashon Island. Searing guitar and fiddle leads layered with electric and acoustic guitar rhythms are poured over a plateful of chunky grooves and topped with a smooth sauce of rich vocal harmonies. The ‘shine’s music will take you to a place as familiar and satiating as a greasy truck stop breakfast after an all-nighter.

Fendershine is Eric Frith (lead guitar, vocals), Rick Vanselow (guitar, vocals) and Kim Thal (violin, vocals), plus a rhythm section new to the lineup this year, Ellen Parker (bass, vocals) and Stephen Buffington (drums, percussion). Their EP, “Rise and Fendershine,” is available at
This is an all-ages show ’til 11pm, 21+ after that and FREE cover!