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February in the Gallery Allison Crain Trundle and Jon Schmidt

In February the gallery features two artists who use light, shape and color to express movement and emotions. The exhibit showcases paintings by Allison Crain Trundle and stone sculptures by Jon Schmidt.

Allison Trundle is a Vashon Island painter. Her work is the result of being and painting outside most of the time, plus interaction with those around her. Neighbors popping in and discussing in-progress work and family challenging her to push boundaries help move the artwork forward. “My eleven-year-old son has one of the best eyes for art I know, and he’s keeping me on my toes working towards less predictable mark-making and fresh paint. My daughter and husband provide me with insight, patience and support along with all the others in my community.”

The relationship between people and nature is especially present in this body of work. “In this show, I am exploring issues regarding our immersion (and separation) in the natural world,” she says. “Design and the viewer’s response to design elements in the paintings are a key element to my work.” Animal prints and cell/nature patterns represent our wildness and a machine-made line is used to evoke a sense of modernity or duplication.

Jon Schmidt is a sculptor based in Everett. The sculptures in this show are created from a variety of stones. “I am drawn to interesting stone, which in turn inspires to some degree the creative process,” says Schmidt. The type of stone used influences the form of the finished sculpture. This show includes sculptures carved from fossilized coral from Australia, Aphrodite marble from Alaska containing large clam shells, and blue alabaster from the Netherlands.

Classically trained in sculpture, Schmidt’s work ranges from literal representations of the human form, to completely abstracted shapes that evoke the feeling of movement through the curves and form. “Many of my later abstract works have become somewhat figurative although that was not my intention for the carving,” he says. “I enjoy the freedom of allowing the stone and my feelings to guide me as I work.”

February in the Gallery
Allison Crain Trundle and Jon Schmidt
February 5–25
Opening Reception Friday, February 5, 6–9 pm
Music by: Richard Person, horns; Tom Wilkins, piano; and Stephen Meyer, bass