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Exhibit: Generation

Lisa Hurst relocated to Vashon after 20 years journeying from here through New Mexico, Colorado, the Appalachian region and full circle back to the island. Her return to Vashon in 2011 was tumultuous, but represented, for Hurst, the closing of one of life’s inscrutable and beautiful circles.

Hurst began exploring encaustics three years ago, after enjoying years of work in clay and found steel. Encaustics, a heat-driven medium which uses oil pigments suspended in beeswax, seemed the natural next step in a history of fiery experimentation; hence the name of her painting studio here on the island—Ignition.

The exhibition, Generation, is on display at Vashon Intuitive Arts for the month of November, and represents Hurst’s reconciliation of "what has been lost and what is possible". Her paintings celebrated moments of life at their most dissonant, like snow on forsythia blossoms. Works are generally completed as triads—as studies of potential wholeness.

During the exhibition, the artist may be contacted through VIA, at, 206-856-6906, or at Ignition Studios & Gallery 17630 Vashon Highway SW.

Generation will be on display at the VIA Gallery, November 1st-30th, located at 17331 Vashon Hwy SW, Vashon.

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