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Exciting news from Unforgettable Fire

We are excited to share some news about the events surrounding Unforgettable Fire LLC and the Kimberly stove project.
We would like to welcome Vanessa Kelly to our team; she is now our internet marketing guru and is responsible for our beautiful new website at as well as our new face book page
She and Sheila McGuffin have been carefully relieving me from the direct sales effort so that I can work on future models and accessories, My wife Bridget has taken the book keeping off my hands and is busy helping promote the product globally sending our press releases and news letters to a global community. We have also shaken many new hands in the Tiny House Community as well.
This morning we travel to the factory to run tests on our second stove, the Katydid, named for my Mother Katie Lehet. This second offering is expected to be less costly as a base unit but with more features built in than Kimberly and aimed at the mainstream housing market. This is an answer to what we have been asked for from numerous people who have come in contact with us. The Katydid will have a much simpler exterior design and "accessories to dress her up". This is done so we can bring end cost down considerably. The internal air flow and three different flame fronts within the stove will give Katydid a stunning flame pattern cascading down the crystal clear glass door and a top glass for viewing the tertiary flame in the top of the stove. A built in heat exchanger will be added, room for hot water coils and a thermo electric generator in the rear of the stove all seem to be coming into play quite nicely.
We are being asked to make public appearances such as the Mother Earth News Fair this June 1&2 at the Puyallup Fair Grounds. We will teach a workshop on off grid living and wood stove safety. We will also be at the Oregon Chapter of the National Chimney Sweep Guild May 2-5 in Bend Oregon, presenting on Gasification. The biggest news of course is our being selected as a finalist in the Alliance for Green Heat Wood Stove Decathlon hosted by Popular mechanics Magazine and scores of other prestigious groups and universities. This event as I am learning will be a colossal undertaking. Tons of equipment from all over the world will be flown in and set up in 15 hours. This is particularly curious to me as some of these systems are full blown masonry heaters. We will share more of what we learn as the venture progresses. For more information and to vote for your favorite finalist google 14 Bright Ideas for a Better Wood Stove
Read more: 14 Bright Ideas for a Better Wood Stove - Popular Mechanics
This is a chance to prove to senators and congress people who will have great impact on the future legislation of wood burning products that renewable energy can be clean. This comes at a time when many people will turn to wood when they cannot afford their current heating source. It is common for people to use poor equipment in inefficient manners when times get rough. The increase in air pollution and house fires are a direct result of this. We have an opportunity to curb this by bringing education to those needing to make the move to wood.
We have also been invited to talks with some business incubators, and had a meeting at the Seattle Chamber Of Commerce regarding opportunities to create local jobs. We are considering local manufacturing for a line of off grid accessories to go along with our stoves. By utilizing local shops to prototype and produce new products to go along with our stoves we can put local people to work producing green equipment aimed at helping people use less grid supplied energy.