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The Eric Apoe Band

The experience of Eric Apoe is a walk through a cinematic time capsule, his lyrical masterworks chill the soul and enlighten the mind. Eric Apoe’s songwriting crosses genres like fiberoptic cable crosses the world. The song is the focus not the style, the song decides the style it desires to exist in.

Apoe is a Seattle born songwriter and musician, but spent a number of years touring with Cajun Fiddler, Doug Kershaw, developing a lifelong passion for American Roots music. As a staff writer for Chappell Music, Apoe co-wrote and worked alongside Tim Harden (If I was a Carpenter, Reason to Believe), and Ron Davies, (It Ain’t Easy, recorded by David Bowie). He also gained support and encouragement from two music industry legends, Tom Dowd and John Hammond Sr. To date, Apoe has released 6 CD’s with his band ‘Eric Apoe and They, FUNNY WORLD is the most recent. In 2011he produced a Pacific North West tribute to Ron Davies, THE MYSTERY OF RON DAVIES. Currently, Apoe is writing with Saar Liven, an Israeli singer/songwriter who appears on Funny World. Eric Apoe’s years of dedication and craftsmanship are clearly hewn into his pieces, with an ever adapting style and constant refinement that speaks to the heart of a true musician and rings in the soul of the listener.

Eric Apoe is a survivor of the musical wars of the past, from the shelters of the executives of song, to the asylum sanctuary of the poets and the musically insane victims of song. All too often the living are not understood, until they are no longer among us. Eric Apoe has never been a writer for the past, but for the future, as the present is becoming the past moment by moment, and will never keep pace with the true visionaries that do not subscribe to the philosophy that all songs have already been written, but rather all good songs are the fingerprint of a real writer, and fingerprints are never the same. So it is Apoe’s focus to write songs that have not been written. With poetic force and humorous paradox, Apoe is a Leonard Cohen for the Age of Unreality. Eric Apoe performs regularly in the Seattle area.

This is an all-ages show ’til 11pm, 21+ after that. Free cover!
Friday, January 30, 8pm
At the Red Bicycle
17618 Vashon Hwy SW