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Darsie Beck’s Workshops are EVERYWHERE!

Darsie Beck, watercolorist, author and sculptor, has a full plate for the next few months presenting workshops on Vashon, in Port Townsend and for Rick Steves in Edmonds. Beck is best known for his incredible travel journals that combine watercolors of the places he visits along with small narratives or quote. The journals that he has created over the years now number over 39 volumes and delight students and his many workshops.

And the upcoming workshops will offer students the opportunity to see the nature travel journals as well as work with Beck in the field, creating memories of their own.

On July 26 and 28, Beck is offering a workshop on Vashon inviting students to join him for a six hour workshop on the art and joy of nature and travel journal keeping. Learn the basics of on the go sketching techniques with pen and watercolor pencils. Beck will share his time proven journal sketching methodology and the best travel sketching gear to carry whether exploring the island or on a European travel adventure. A two hour introduction session will be held at Waterworks Studio on Thursday from 7-9 pm followed by a four hour field journal sketching outing at Point Robinson on Saturday from 10-2pm. Learn to experience your environment through your journal where ever you are and create memories for a lifetime. Space is limited as the class is limited to 6 students and will start at Waterworks Studio on Maury Island. Tuition is $60.00.

August 16 and 18th, he is presenting a second nature and travel journal workshop at Waterworks but this time the focus is historic Dockton. The first session will be held from 7-9 pm while the second, from 10-2pm will be spent in and around Dockton. Space for this workshop is also limited to 6 students and tuition is $60.00.

Beck moves away from Vashon and will be presenting a Travel Journal Workshop for Rick Steves in Edmonds on September 8 from 12- 1:30 pm. For more information and enrollment for this workshop, call 425/771-8303 or

Back on the Island in September, Beck is offering his well-known "Your Essential Nature: A Practical Guide to Creativity and Spiritual Harmony". This two day class on September 15 and 22 from 10- 2:30 pm will teach students to Learn to live closer to your inner genius and essential nature. Class will focus on creating a personal centering practice and a daily creativity journal. Become the everyday artist you were meant to be. Class held at Waterworks Studio. This class is offered through Vashon Allied Arts and tuition is $210.00 for VAA members and $235.00 for non-members. For enrollment call Vashon Allied Arts at 463-5131.

And finally, in Port Townsend, Beck has been invited to present "Your Essential Nature: A Practical Guide to Creativity and Spiritual Harmony" on September 29 at The Writer’s Workshoppe. Similar to the Vashon class, the main focus is learning to create a daily centering practice that allows one to connect to his/her deeper self and higher power through writing and drawing. Writing and drawing are the main tools and because order begets creativity then daily organization is a powerful element freeing us up to remain in touch with our creative center. For details including tuition and enrollment, call The Writer’s Workshop at 360/379-2617 or

Available at each of the workshops will be the newest edition of Beck’s book, "Your Essential Nature: A Practical Guide to Creativity and Spiritual Harmony", a two volume set that includes the book and a starter journal. Also available will be Beck’s newest addition to his journal keeping, a portable easel he has developed that affixes to his travelling art bag and includes a holder for his watercolor pencils. Just released, this easel is an exciting item for any travel journal keeper.

For more information or to enroll in any of the classes, contact Darsie Beck at 206/669-0745 or More about Darsie is available online at and