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Danny Newcomb & Carrie Akre

Carrie Akre is a musician best known for her work with Seattle underground bands Hammerbox and Goodness. Since Goodness disbanded in 1998, she has contributed vocals to the project band The Rockfords and released three solo albums. With a vocal delivery that is at once aggressive, haunting and melodic, Akre’s style of female rock-vox is comparable, yet superior, to the likes of 80s power-vixens Pat Benetar or Lita Ford, and she is one of the few women to carry that strong vocal flavour into the 1990s with the advent of grunge and the rise in popularity of alternative rock.     Carrie Akre.

To say Carrie is well loved in the Pacific Northwest is an understatement.The most amazing thing about Carrie’s voice is that she can move throughout all musical styles -whether it’s performing rock on a Smithereen’s album, or full on gospel tinged solo material from her earlier solo releases, Home and Invitation. Using her ‘thunderous, wailful vocals’ Akre has a way of pulling and attracting the listener to her. With her solo work she uses lyrics that focus on the day to day struggles with life and relationships. Akre attempts to relate to every listener with a style that is both catchy as well as all her own.

Danny Newcomb, former lead guitarist, songwriter, and founder of the acclaimed Seattle-based alt-rock band Goodness, currently performs original songs with his new band – the Sugar Makers, featuring his signature guitar solos. In the 1990s, Danny toured internationally with Goodness, releasing two full-length albums. Danny also writes songs and plays guitar for The Rockfords, featuring Mike McCready of Pearl Jam. Danny remarks, “I’ve always been a songwriter and a lead guitar player. Now, I’m performing songs that I can sing.” Danny recently completed recording his band’s first CD on Hockey Talker Records, which will be released in February of 2015. Danny’s band, the Sugar Makers will back him up at the Red Bike show, featuring Rick Friel on bass, Annie O’Niell on backup vocals and Eric Eagle on drums.

This is yet another free cover show and all-ages ’til 11pm, 21+ after that.
Friday, September 5, 8:30pm
At the Red Bicycle
17618 Vashon Hwy SW