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Cover our Community Pool

One of the most common complaints we hear from Islanders is that there are not enough healthy activities for our youth during the winter months. So VARSA is pleased to support the Cover Our Pool initiative that hopes to cover the Vashon Community Pool with an inflatable bubble from Oct-May.

We want to help the Vashon community access a full-sized, six lane, community pool (with blocks and a diving board) year-round. Imagine the opportunities... Think open and family swim, lap swim, youth & adult swim activities and lessons, aquatic fitness, team sports like water polo and splashball, maybe one day a high school swim team. There would be access for teens, older people, camps, and the differently-abled... and there are so many more ideas.

On Friday August 18th, Vashon Community Pool hosts the SWIMVASHON Dawn ‘Til Dusk Pool Marathon. Its a chance for the whole Island to join in, and that means EVERYONE, regardless of their swim ability.

Tots can swim with parents, families can swim together, and young or inexperienced swimmers can use a noodle or a life-jacket. Masters, lap, team, or recreational swimmers can use their time to churn out as many laps as they can. You can even take part in the Water Polo Invitational. There are different age categories to participate in, with prizes, snacks, music, and fun, whether you can swim 10 lengths or 100 laps.

Prizes awarded for distance as well as costumes, fun, and effort!

Visit the COVER OUR POOL website at for more information, learn  9 actions you can take TODAY,  sign up for SWIMVASHON. You can also make a donation on the website.