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County to host open house to update Vashon residents on upcoming guardrail improvements

The King County Road Services Division will host an open house on Wednesday, June 5 to familiarize residents on upcoming guardrail improvements on Vashon-Maury Island. The guardrail work will improve safety – especially along stretches of roadway that have steep slopes or are near water. The meeting will be held:
Wednesday, June 5,  6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Chautauqua Elementary School 9309 SW. Cemetery Road, Vashon
The county plans to install or upgrade guardrails along sections of 16 roads on the island. Some guardrails are old and need to be replaced while a few are being removed because they do not meet current safety standards.
The project will involve the installation of approximately 14,000 feet of guardrail over an estimated 12-week period this fall. The guardrails will have a natural brown finish similar to those used in other island projects.
Many traffic accidents in King County involve vehicles that run off the road. The installation of guardrail greatly reduces the potential for serious injury in these types of crashes.
For more information and a map showing where guardrails will be installed or replaced, visit the county’s guardrail website
or contact Alice Ann Wetzel, (206) 684-1154 or at