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Comedy Night returns to the Bike for special summer engagement

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Face it, you are going to need something to look forward to. After the neighbors have finished blowing up what had been their kids’ college funds and then returned the cooler you loaned them so they could transport their flag-festooned fingers to the medic, you sense the creeping ennui but know that it is too early in the summer to submit. Don’t do it. That’s why there’s always an after party, even if you do rarely get invited.

On Saturday, July 5th at the Red Bike, you are in. You! And your seven dollars. Sure, Filipino-American Friendship Day may be over, but the jokes about that classic post-colonial charade are only now coming to light and that is why we have Comedy Night.

The summer people are here, they’re advancing in years, and they want to know what commitment looks like. So our roster of openers features comics who live here year-round. We like to keep the bar high.

Jonathan Kuzma has posted 21 videos to YouTube on the importance of the jacaranda and its overlooked fruit. Michael Whitmore possesses 9000 vinyl records, 2/3 of which are meant to be spun at 45 RPM, though he will wantonly break that rule. Richard Franklin Moore now performs with a middle name that you will recognize and respect. Caitlyn Marie Little is dedicating this set to her sister Amanda and the candy dish on the other side of her bank teller barricade, just out of reach. Harris Levinson has been bitten by Luis Suarez on more than one occasion. So what? Steffon Moody hosts the proceedings and when does that opportunity make itself available? Moody will be taking a vow of silence on July 14 because of what Bastille Day has meant to him personally as an apologist for the French.

Coming off strong previous sets where the only question was why was she wasn’t on stage longer, Cara Rosellini will headline the show. We are excited to have someone from our local comedy farm team make it to the big leagues and you will want to witness the occasion. Cara talks about her kids, but tends to leave them in the car when she’s performing. This time she has organized a playdate in her minivan with your kids, so message her a few minutes beforehand.
Saturday, July 5, 8pm
$7 cover
At the Red Bicycle
17618 Vashon Hwy SW