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Chris Webster and Nina Gerber in Concert

Music Fans know Chris Webster and Nina Gerber as two of the most skilled and artful musical talents out there today.  Webster’s voice is uniquely compelling while Gerber’s guitar playing is beautiful and powerful.  Playing mostly originals, some tasteful covers, soulful ballads, jazzy tunes, and sweet folk, their shows are known to please just about everyone.

The two musicians have known each other and played together for over 25 years.  Also, along the way they both played with the best of the best in music throughout their long friendship.  One day they said “Hey, why didn’t we ever make a record together?” And so they did, it’s called “Apple Blossom Lane”. The core of this record is music at it’s finest with just Nina’s sweet guitar and Chris’s stunning vocals.  Chris also throws in a little ukulele on a few of the songs.  It is a record that takes the listener to the very depths of sadness with a beautiful ballad and then also comes right back at you with a raucous folk song.

Chris’s career began over nearly two decades ago as a teen-aged lead singer for one of California’s best known regional acts (Mumbo Gumbo).  Webster boasts a very successful resume highlighted by four solo cd releases (Drive, Now Playing, Something in the Water, My name is Christine) She also released a cd with her sister Cassie who is an opera singer by trade, emphasizing the renowned guitarist Scott Nygaard, called The Websters 10,000 miles.  

Chris’s vocals have astonishing power and passion, reaching magical heights, yet effortlessly turns on a dime to deliver gut wrenching songs and gentle ballads.  Webster has a purity and beauty about her that is seldom seen and never forgotten.

Guitarist Nina Gerber stood in the shadows of many great artists as an accompanist at the beginning of her career.  It was her accompaniment with the great folk singer Kate Wolf that earned her the much - deserved recognition.  Nina has the ability to free herself within an eclectic range of styles.  Presented with folk, country, bluegrass, rock or blues, she is able to fall into leads to bring out the true feeling of the song.

Nina has performed with and/or recorded with: Karla Bonoff, Peter Rowen, Eliza Gilkyson, Nanci Griffith, Greg Brown, Lucy Kaplansky, Mollie O’Brien, Rosalie Sorrels, Laurie Lewis, and many others. She also has two solo cd’s to her name: “Not Before Noon” and “Good People.”

Playing with Kate Wolf initially influenced Nina. She ended up accompanying her from 1975 until her passing in 1986.  After Kate’s passing Nina still plays with that honesty and heart that Kate did.  Whether she is collaborating with some of folk music’s finest or producing or arranging, Nina continues to prove with her guitar that some of the truest and most emotional communication requires no words.  Still, when combined with another musician’s talent, caliber and heart-felt voice like that of Chris Webster’s, the result is affecting in an unforgettable way.

Please join us for what promises to be a wonderful evening of live music!  
Reservations are required. Email: or call TVICR at 206-463-9673 to make your reservations.
Chris Webster and Nina Gerber in Concert. Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie
Monday, April 11th, 7pm
Doors open at 6:30pm
Tickets $15
Wine and Beer available
Presented by Barbara Codd