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Chautauqau Music Festival

An all day music festival featuring prominent young and older established musicians from Vashon and Seattle to raise money for underprivileged kids in the Chautauqau and McMurray music and other arts  programs. We are working with our sponsors with the support of the Vashon School District  (though this is NOT a Vashon School District event) to provide a full day of music and food and fun for the whole community. There will be food, t-shirts for sale by award winning graphic designers Shogo Ota (Tireman Studios) and Dawn Smithson (Moth and Crow) and even the rumor of a small doggie event...but we’ll see :) The Washington State Fairies are mc’ing! It is a 10 dollars suggested donation, and there is also a Indigogo page that is bookended with the event for those that cannot attend but want to support the cause.

This will be held at the Vashon Eagles Aerie 3144. 18134 Vashon Highway SW. Saturday August 29th, from noon till midnight. Part outside and part insided (the louder rockier stuff will be in side)

Playing will be (and this is a rough order subject to change) Please use as much or less of this :
-Thalia Goering : Young talented songwriter and performer with a great voice and remarkable stage presence.
-Michael Whitmore: Fantastic Island chanteur/guitarist and performer who uses modern jazz structures to inform his dream imagery. Think Daniel Lenois.
-Colin Loch: is an MC, a Vashon native, and performer whose charisma and presence on and off the stage brings real effervescence to his rap. He has an innate gift for narrative in his lyrics that is reminiscent of folks like Common/Kool Keith, and uses alliteration and punctuated hard rhymes that create a tantalizing rhythm in a swirl of concrete imagery that draw you in and keep you there until the story is over.
-Glen Rukwid: Bartender extraordinaire and long time Island musician plays a brand of folk that is both buoyant and simple that still manages to straddle the line of cheery and melancholy chord structures that are very riveting to the listener.
-John Browne: A long time local, rose to prominence in the late 60’s as a member of the legendary Ph Phactor Jug Band and is recognized as one of the great pickers of his generation.
-Michael Samuel Dumovich (my dad :))  Is also a legendary picker from the 70’s and slide guitar player who is known for his stomping blues style and belting voice and songwriting. Played with the likes of Baby Gramps, Jim Page and Artis the Spoonman.
-Kat Eggleston is a brilliant and well known folk artist who has worked with Irish folk legends and creates spellbinding landscapes with her guitar work that supports her pure, perfect voice.
-I Solisti di Vashon is a youth classical music ensemble who play Mozart and other classical greats with strings. Fantastic young performers.
-Jacob and Forest Bowden are young brothers in their early teens, and will be performing several punk standards with an acumen for the genre not often seen. Future punk legends!
-Fendershine play a brand of fun, and universal rock and indie that delight the listener and keep you moving on the floor.
-Heavy Nettle:a proto punk band led by the raw and charismatic Amanda Menlove as frontperson and Dawn Smithson of legendary Seattle bands Jessamine and Sunn on the bass, Nigel Browne and Louie Jennings in perfect alchemical collusion
-4 Horseman: is a good old rock and roll and garage band fronted by Michael Anderson from the seminal Sub-Pop outfit Blood Circus.
-Llama: genius pop, Rusty Willoughby of Flop fame... one of the best songwriters ever to come out of Seattle. Power pop craftsmanship at its very best. -Low Hums: psychedelic dirty swirling wonders from a line up that includes Jonas Haskins (formerly of Earth, Sara Cahoone) and Bill Patton (Fleet Foxes, Crosby Stills and Nash, Gold Leaves and his own brilliant solo material).