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Carter Castle releases new CD

(l-r) Chris Anderson, Carter Castle and Bob Kueker rehearse at The Coop.
(l-r) Chris Anderson, Carter Castle and Bob Kueker rehearse at The Coop.

Island singer/songwriter Carter Castle’s new CD release, Walking to Phoenicia, coincides with his VAA New Works Series concert, Saturday, Oct 13, 7:30 pm, at VAA.

The Carter Castle Band includes Chris Anderson (lead guitar, vocals) and Bob Kueker (vocal, bass). They will be joined by surprise guest musicians.

Known for his bluesy roots musical style, Castle introduces 10 new original songs and obscure covers from the likes of Paul Seibold, John Prine and Bob Dylan. Title tune, "Walking to Phoenicia," is a beautiful ballad inspired by a tiny upstate New York hamlet he and wife Debra visited:

We were walking to Phoenicia/We were strolling arm and arm/In the summer by the river/Not so far from Yasgur’s farm/Like a river that flows so gently/Like a wind that blows/We kept searching for tender mercy/Only true love knows.

Castle talks about his songwriting process, "You have to wait for a state of grace. I like to spend a lot of time alone, getting in touch with the rhythm; the sounds of words just bubble up from the subconscious. The arduous part is finding the place between the personal and universal."

Acknowledging friends and fellow players as instrumental to inspiration, he adds, "Chris supported my musical goals and nudged me in the right direction – and Bob, too. I feel very lucky." The three have played music together weekly for a year.

"I borrow from tradition. That’s what I grew up with. It’s important to me how the old becomes new. Like Aldous Huxley says, ‘…from age to age nothing changes, and yet everything is completely different.’ I feel that artistic expression helps that along. I appreciate how this Island is so supportive of art."

Tickets: $12/$15, are available at Heron’s Nest, Vashon Book Shop and