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Captain Chlorine & the Swim Squad run for Vashon’s Unofficial Mayor!

They have been living among us, quietly going about their business taking math exams and waiting in school lunch lines. But Vashonites made the call, and they have answered. Snapping on caps and donning lycra, these goggled crusaders have amassed from the four corners of this fair Island with a single purpose—to Cover Our Pool. Who are these superheroes who have come to save the day and bring year-round swimming to Vashon Pool? They are none other than Captain Chlorine and the Swim Squad. These unstoppable do-gooders are not only covering the pool with a bubble so that any and all citizens have access to a year-round public pool, but they are willing and able to use their super powers to serve our community as unofficial mayor!

Votes for Captain Chlorine and the Swim Squad will support the Cover Our Pool capital campaign mounted by the Vashon Seals Swim Team. The goal is to raise $100,000 to purchase and install an air-dome and other equipment for the pool. The Swim Squad has joined forces with a team of engineers, Vashon Park District staff and a host of other community volunteers to design, propose and implement the plan. The dome will be used from October until May and will then be removed for open-air swimming in the summer months. Target date for installation of the dome is mid-October 2017. To lend a hand to Captain Chlorine and the Swim Squad in this endeavor, please vote early and often in the mayoral race, and visit to learn more ways you can help.