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Building Community Through Stories with Suzanna Leigh

Paintings on silk on Display at Vashon Community Care Center through December.
When you share with a stranger memories of a place you both love, are you strangers still? Stories connect us. When we know our neighbors stories, we are less alone. When we share our stories we are building community.
Paintings tell stories. I tell my stories in vibrant color with dye on silk. More than 60 of my paintings are on display at Vashon Community Care Center, now through December, and you are invited to view them any time during the day. Perhaps they will bring up stories or memories for you.
To tell our stories takes courage, yet we need to be heard. On November 15th at 7pm, at the Vashon Community Care Center, I will show slides of some of my paintings and will tell the stories that inspired them. I would love to hear your stories then as well and to answer any questions you may have about how the paintings were created. This event is free.