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"Break a Leg" Comedy Night Featuring Headliner Nigel Larson

“Break a Leg”: a Comedy Night benefit for Steffon Moody.

For the last four years, audiences have been packing the Red Bicycle for Comedy Night. By turns, hilarious, insightful, and embarrassing, Comedy Night has become a high-voltage experiment in stand-up comedy with a growing roster of seasoned island comedians and terrified newbies.

This time around there is a special theme; raise money to defray surgery costs for Steffon Moody, local multi-talented weirdo, Comedy Night organizer, and all-around good guy. Unfortunately, Steffon’s talents do not include sliding into second base without snapping his stupid leg bones like dry twigs. Yes, he was safe, and his softball team of outcasts and layabouts went on to lose by less than 25 runs, so it was probably worth it.

In a sign that the capitalist healthcare system is irrevocably broken, the surgical team at Harborview declined to trade, insisting on being paid in cold, hard cash. In a more just world, anesthesiologists would be happy to have their patients entertain them at holiday parties dressed as the Grinch in exchange for services. But the mainland is a harsh place where money talks and bull*bleep*, unlike Steffon, walks.

In addition to showcasing veteran island performers Harris Levinson, Per Lars Blomgren, and host Jim Farrell, we are importing off-island comedian Nigel Larson to try to make you pee in your pants. Nigel doesn’t know this, but if he doesn’t make us laugh we will be locking him in a giant wicker man and burning him. Don’t tell him because it will probably make him nervous.

And unless he injures himself even more catastrophically, expect to see Steffon perform some new material, maybe even some funny stuff about that time he shattered his leg and didn’t have insurance! And for those who like to live dangerously, we are excited to present Craig Sutherland and Richard Moore, who will be performing at Comedy Night for the first time.

A little bit about Nigel:

A few years ago, Nigel Larson was nothing more than a single, unemployed college dropout living in his parents' basement. This seemed to him the perfect time to start a career in stand-up comedy and it was. He was quickly recognized in his first year by the Rochester Metromix paper, Insider, as one of the funniest and most active comics in the Western New York region. He was named one of the "top 5 funniest comics in Rochester under 30" in 2008 and then was on the cover as "the face of Rochester comedy" in 2010.

Just as quickly Nigel realized that if he wanted to make more than $500 a year doing stand-up he would have to move. So with lofty goals of doubling that annual income, he left the safety and security of his parents' basement for the safety and security of his grandparents' basement in Tacoma, WA. For the next year he would be the house M.C. at the Tacoma Comedy Underground.

Nigel takes the stage with a jovial demeanor and instant likability. At first playing on his innocent appearance to establish a rapport with the audience he then quickly reveals that beneath his boyish good looks lies a cuttingly clever wit. His act is largely autobiographical, turning a lifetime of failure into consistent on-stage success with honest stories and sophisticated material. This coupled with a strong delivery makes Nigel the pleasant surprise audiences are looking for. His act is powerful enough for the drunk, indifferent crowds of a bar, yet intellectually satiating for the audiences of a college. Nigel has had the pleasure of opening for such national acts as Tom Rhodes, Jimmy Dore, Kyle Cease, Ty Barnett, Rebecca Cory, Jim Florentine, Jimmy Shubert, Mike E. Winfield, Dwight Slade and Auggie Smith. His act is "PG-13" by default but can be cleaner (or dirtier) by request.

Will you be treated to the inauguration of the next comedy genius? Who knows? One thing is for sure; if you stay home you’ll be suffocated by boredom and routine. Come early to make sure you get a seat. Inasmuch as Comedy Night is uncensored, you should seriously consider not bringing children.

Cover charge is $5, and the show starts Friday 1st, June at 8pm, but show up early and get a seat, because it is always packed!

See you then and there!