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Brazilian guitarist Alessandro Penezzi

Open Space is proud to welcome renowned Brazilian guitarist Alessandro Penezzi to Vashon for an intimate evening of music. The "TinyBig" concert, designed for an up-close-and-personal experience of Penezzi, will take place on Friday, August 16 at 7:30 PM.
At home in classical concert halls, jazz festivals, and even the legendary São Paolo Samba club Ó do Borogodó , Alessandro Penezzi is respected worldwide as a brilliant guitarist, composer and arranger.
Though he has performed as a soloist with the São Paulo Jazz Symphony orchestra the São Bernando do Campo Philharmonic orchestra, Alessandro is best known for his collaborations with an international list of top musicians. These include Yamandú Costa, Carlos Poyares, Toninho Ferragutti and Oswaldinho do Acordeon. He has also accompanied several renowned Brazilian singers, including Beth Carvalho, Sílvio Caldas, Noite Ilustrada, Ivone Lara and many others.
Beginning in 2010, Penezzi joined clarinetist Alexandre Ribeiro to form a duo that contributes new works in the traditional styles of baião, waltz, polka, choro, maxixe, and samba, and brings fresh interpretations to the classics. Through touring, recording, and their transparent love for this music, Penezzi and Ribeiro have helped create an international audience for Brazilian rhythms and melodies beyond the sambas and bossa novas that everyone knows.
As one third of the "Quintessência Trio" Alessandro has also toured Russia, USA and Angola with mandolin player Aleh Ferreira and cellist Júlio Ortiz. Born to a musical family in Piracicaba, a country town in the state of São Paolo, Brazil, he began studying the guitar at age 7 with local master musicians Carlos Coimbra, Jair T. de Paula and Sérgio Belluco. He went on to study classical guitar and graduated from Escola de Música de Piracicaba, picking up mandolin, flute, and cavaquinho along the way, as well as the 7-string guitar particular to the "choro" style.
In addition to performances and recordings, Alessandro regularly offers workshops on ‘choro’ guitar, where students can benefit from his patience, generous spirit, and lifetime devotion to making music. Penezzi will offer a two hour workshop on Friday from 4:30-6:30PM at Open Space. Alessandro says, "Come prepared to work hard, and I hope to help you take a few giant steps on your own musical journey!"
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