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Born Yesterday

Romance mixes brightly with political satire in Drama Dock’s revival of Garson Kanin’s classic comedy Born Yesterday, opening March 7 at the brand-new Vashon High School theatre.

Chaim Rosemarin directs a cast of familiar Drama Dock players in this Broadway hit of 1946, that rolls as if it were written this morning. Peter Kreitner plays Harry Brock, a greedy war profiteer who comes to Washington DC to buy himself a Senator (Gordon Millar), with the help of an ex-Attorney General-turned-political fixer (Rich Wiley). It looks like the fix is in until Harry decides his companion, a (supposedly) dumb-blonde ex-chorine named Billie (Stephanie Murray), lacks the proper polish for Washington’s elite, and hires investigative reporter Paul Verrall (Marshall Murray) to give her some. Others in the cast include Toby Nichols, Gretchen Neffenger, Shannon Mahan, Randy Marinez, Kirk Beeler, Lisa Breen, and Sue DeNies.

Will true love triumph over political chicanery? Can a flighty bimbo become an empowered woman? Do the good guys ever win one in Washington DC? Check it out with Born Yesterday.

March 7, 8, & March 14, 15 AT 7:30 PM. March 9, 16 AT 3PM
At Vashon High School Theatre