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The Bog Hoppers

The Bog Hoppers are made up of a group of friends that live for Celtic music. Their sound can be described as a high-energy celtic drive with a bluegrass feel. A combination of original and traditional songs are played with emotion stemming from their roots in the Celtic regions.The band has deep roots in Celtic music and ancestry, but are still proud Americans. That is the reason they choose to play traditional Irish/Celtic tunes with heavy influences from generations of American music. Many of their original songs follow this same philosophy and help in the creation of their traditional arrangements.

TheBog Hoppers are still looking for ways to expand their sound and energy. Their priority is the music, and their mission is to have fun performing at all costs. The Bog Hoppers considers each performance a full blown show, never just a gig. Audience participation is combined with comedy to ensure a great time for all when this band is on the stage! With this combination of friends at the wheel, this band is sure to always get a positive reaction from everyone they meet!
Friday, Oct 10, 8:30pm
At the Red Bicycle
17618 Vashon Hwy SW