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Blumeadows was gifted by God and the Earth mother. He is a descendant of the Mississippi Choctaw Nation and is a ‘magda vehu’, which means ‘Black Indian’. He discovered the magic of music through his voice and guitar, which he picked up left-handed, at an early age and has been determined to follow an unbeaten path. Listening, learning and playing with all of his timbre he ventured out into the rock and roll clubs as a teenager touring with Rudy Hunter and the Fabulous Tones, a show band. Blumeadow’s appetite to perform blossomed but he was summoned by his mother to finish his formal education. Moving from Iowa to Seattle he completed the three R’s ‘reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. He already had rhythm. When he completed the mandatory chores he ventured out into the world of creation at the Cornish Institute of Performing Arts where he studied musical theory and composition. It was a blessed time where Blumeadows combined what was in his heart and head so he could reveal his soul.

He entered the music scene in Seattle as a precocious musician with a lot to offer. He could play bass, guitar, sing, write and accompany other artists.

He performed throughout the Northwest with Dave Lewis, Pete Depoe (Last Walking Bear) and Red Bone but felt stifled. He moved to Los Angeles, as so many musicdians do, and found comfort with artists that appreciated his talents and heritage. He wrote, recorded and played with Liquid Jesus on MCA Records and perforned with Grammy Award winner Bruce Hornsby. Blumeadows played with Branford Marsallis, Eddie Hazel, the great Funkadelic guitarist, as well as Spacey T, from Sound Barrier and later Fishbone. On one magical night the stars aligned and as a tribute to the Astro Rock Father Jimi Hendrix, Blumeadows fronted a magnificent band called Krunchy that included Spacey T, Eddie Hazel, Stanley E., and Bernie Worrell. A bootleg tape of that seminal gig still gets raves from collectors.

In the end, Blumeadows returned to Seattle where he felt his fertility would seed. To list the musicians Blumeadows has performed with begs the point. To talk about the past is moot. It’s the dawn of a new day and Blumeadows is where his soul can roam.

Friday, February 17, 8pm. At Sportsmans Inn, 17611 Vashon Hwy - 206-463-0940