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Blue Scholars Hit the Island for “Sharing the Stage”

Last spring, the Seattle rapper Macklemore rocked the Open Space in a sold out show for what some fans called "the best thing that’s ever happened on Vashon." Now Blue Scholars are set to bring their world-class hip hop to the island on Sunday, April 22, at 6:30 PM.

The Blue Scholars show is the fourth in the Sharing the Stage series, which pairs top-name headlining bands with high school students as the opening acts.

"The blending of killer professional acts with students who are passionate about developing their own music and their own voice in writing is what makes this series so special," says Harris Levinson, teacher at Vashon High School and a member of the production team of Sharing the Stage. Rob Bordner and Fred Strong are the other two producers of the series.

All three agree that the mentorship that takes place with each show is amazing. "For example," Levinson said, "all the opening acts will have two rehearsals beforehand with local musician Ian Moore, who critiques the students’ musicianship and offers inside tips about performing." Those rehearsals mean a lot to the students, in addition to the chance to open for some of the most popular and respected artists in the northwest and the country.

Blue Scholars formed as a duo in 2002, when DJ Sabzi and MC Geo met as students at UW. In their three albums and in their live shows all across the country, Sabzi and Geo bring their beats and great storytelling to topics including national and international politics, Seattle life (from the WTO riots to the Sonics), pop culture, and cinema. Blue Scholars have always been generous in supporting all artists and youth, in particular.

"We’re looking forward to another great show," Strong said. "Our lineup of student openers includes Peter Evans and the band Blueberry Frousting—both of whom opened for Macklemore—and freshmen Cameron Sonju and Quipachtli Martinez."

"And we’re really excited to showcase some spoken-word artists this time," Bordner added. "Three poets—Anna Rose, Zauxie Sackman, and Danny Rosenberg—will be woven into the opening acts."

Past sold out shows have featured Visqueen (rock) and Thomas Mariott (jazz) at the Red Bicycle, in addition to Macklemore at the Open Space. The Sharing the Stage team is pleased that these shows have been huge community-builders, and they are proud to be able to support both professional and aspiring artists in their work.

Blue Scholars perform April 22 at the Open Space. Tickets: $15 students (18 with ID), $25 adults. Available at Vashon Island Music (co-producer of the show) and from Mr. Levinson @ VHS. Doors @ 5:30, music from 6:30-9:30.