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Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons

Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons formed their blues duo in 2012 after performing together for two years with Renegade Stringband. The music Hunter and Seamons play is truly American––inspired by early 20th century American folk and African music.

Hunter, born in the African nation of Lesotho, raised in Phoenix, Arizona, is a classically trained violinist who studied music around the world. Seamons has shown a devotion to Northwest American folk music, receiving a Woody Guthrie Fellowship from the BMI Foundation and he studied the banjo with Hobe Kytr.

Their music is one part of the Rhapsody Project, an integration of performance and teaching through public events and school workshops. Designed to bring together people across generational and cultural divides through music, Rhapsody is a Seattle-based community endeavor. “We want regular folks, especially the youth, to understand that America’s folk and blues music is not a relic, but a thriving tradition. It’s not only about the fantastical, deeply mysterious recordings that we can all hear now on records or online. Music is a playground for the imagination with no barriers to entry.” – Rhapsody Project

Vashon Allied Arts
Saturday, March 12, 7:30 pm
$14 Member/Student, $16 Senior, $18 General