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Annual Shoot to Show Photo Exhibit

Pike Place Market © Sophie Harrison
Pike Place Market © Sophie Harrison

The annual Shoot to Show class exhibit opens at the Hardware Store July 1 and the quality of both the students and the panel of jurors is exceptional.

The group is small - 6 this year - but their talents and enthusiasm rival any of the larger classes over the years. This is the 15th of these I have offered on Vashon, including 3 featuring Land Trust properties, 1 to benefit Wolftown, and 1 to help Preserve Our Islands raise consciousness about the Glacier issue and property. (A number of the photos from the last one were used by POI for many years on their website and press materials to support their efforts to stop Glacier.)

This year the group selected the theme - CHANGE. It was a bold move, selecting a theme so broad and all encompassing but also so challenging to illustrate in a single frame.

The panel of jurors is as amazing as the students’ talents:
Natalie Johnson, the Beachcomber
Melinda Sontgerath, The Hardware Store Restaurant and Gallery
Wendy Finkleman, Director of Arts Education, VAA
Michael Feinstein, Principal, Feinstein Group
Doug Kim, former Arts Editor of the Seattle Times, now Senior Editor at Microsoft
Barbara Kinney, White House Photographer for the Clinton Administration

Melinda always says this is one if not the best attended openings of the year at the Hardware Store. With your help I know it will be again.

As always there will be public ballotting for the Peoples Choice Award. A strong turnout means lots of balloting and lots of feedback for all the artists - the 6 adults in the Shoot to Show and the 11 students in the Exploratory.

The McMurray Photo Exploratory 2011 Show will share the space at the Hardware Store for 1st Friday with the annual Shoot to Show exhibit.

There were 11 8th graders in the Photo Exploratory this year, which ran from June 6-10. Karen Person nd I co-led the program. This is my 11th year working with the Exploratory students and they never cease to amaze me - as you can see from the attached photos.

We photographed Pt Defiance Zoo and Gardens, Pike Place and the Waterfront and the SAM Sculpture Park, the Wing Luke Museum and the International District, plus Engels and Portage and Tramp Harbor and KVI Beach over the 5 days of the program.

The results were shared on and selects juried by me for the final show.