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Annual Open House, Point Robinson Light Station

The Keepers of Point Robinson and the Vashon Park District invite you to our annual open house, on Sunday, 6 December, from noon to 4 PM.

Both sets of Keepers’ Quarters will be open for your inspection, and for you to decide when will be YOUR stay with us.  Captain Joe, the President of the Keepers of Point Robinson, will be making the largest batch of his homemade chili he has ever made,  to add to the buffet.  This assortment of sweets and savories is prepared by the Ladies of the Light, and although the chili is full of meat, there will be enough of the other sort to please even the most avid vegetarian.

The Lighthouse Santa arrives at around 1 PM, the time a little loose, because he, like the rest of us, comes over on the ferry.  There will be live music of the season, and tours of the working lighthouse, always including a voyage to the top of the tower.  The Ship’s Store will be open for your holiday shopping.

For this event, parking will be on the grass inside the swing gate.  If you bring a dog, or dogs, for a run, that is fine, but they cannot come into the houses or the lighthouse.

For many Island families, this is the beginning of the festive holiday season.  The price is that so beloved of Island people, it is a gift from Point Robinson to the Island and our off-Island visitors, many of whom come for the semiannual Gallery Tour.  As gifts are always FREE, that is what we charge.  A big thanks to the people who put this on, including the musicians and Santa, is all that is required. However, should the Christmas spirit so move you, donations are happily accepted, and can be put into the fishbowl inside the lighthouse. All donations go back into the park, for such things as picnic tables.