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Amanda Knox: Sweet Relief

October 20, 2011. Vashon Island, my house, 4:40am. This is the last article in the Amanda Knox series; she is home, looking to the future and Vashon has been euphoric for the past few weeks. When she visited Thriftway recently, she received hugs and accolades from the folks who saw her at the store. No I haven’t seen her; I’m not her personal friend, but felt enormous relief to see her at SeaTac surrounded by her family. Someday, if it’s meant to be, I’d love to give Amanda the biggest hug, but I’m completely fine just having her home. To tell the truth, all I need to be happy is to see her hugging her Dad and Mom.

I want to begin by thanking all of the folks who have told me how much you appreciated my articles and how much this information has helped you to understand what happened to Amanda Knox in Perugia, Italy. It was just too heartbreaking to see Curt’s community so confused and when the opportunity to help arose, well, how could I not?

I want to especially thank Steven Allen of The Vashon Loop, when you see him pat him on the back too. Steven and I are the big brother and sister to Curt Knox’s classmates, both had the desire to help our siblings who cared so deeply for Curt and his family. I was allowed a 2000 word column for eight months and I really cannot heap enough praise on his shoulders. Steven’s desire to help Curt was just as important as my 16,000 words. He gave the Knox family a community platform to tell their own story in their own words; I was just the ghostwriter.

November 1, 2011 will be the 4th anniversary of the death of Amanda’s friend, Meredith Kercher. On that day we would be honored if you would join a worldwide candlelight vigil in her memory and send your prayers to her grieving family; your candle may be as public or private as you wish. Also, please remember Amanda in your prayers, she still grieves for her friend.

Many are now wondering "Who did kill Meredith Kercher?" and I find it astounding that the Perugians have yet again distracted the world from the real killer: Rudy Guede.

Rudy Guede is serving time as an Accessory to Murder. He was known to police within a week of the crime, his fingerprints and footprints in Meredith’s blood were all over the crime scene. He was captured in Germany a few weeks after the murder and has been in Perugian custody two weeks less than Amanda and Raffaele. He opted for an abbreviated trial and has already had the Trial of First Instance and both appeals. His 30-year sentence has been reduced to 16 years and he will be out on parole in less than 10 years with good behavior.

His first story is that he was engaged in sex with Meredith and left to use the bathroom, while he was on the toilet a stranger came in and killed her. He said he tried to stem the flow of blood and fled the scene afraid that "a black man would be blamed." Witness the Race Card in the beginning, just like at the end, as if Guede should get a pass because he’s black, even though he sexually molested and slit the throat of a young woman.

Then, because he was so concerned about Meredith being attacked by a stranger, the ‘poor traumatized fellow’ took Meredith’s money, keys, phones and credit cards then went dancing at a local disco. Hours after the murder his friends said he "smelled bad and acted strange;" he fled to Germany the next day. Guede was found in Germany with Meredith’s credit cards on his person. While he was on the run, police recorded a Skype call to a friend where he says, "Amanda and Raffaele were not involved."

After he was apprehended his story ‘evolved.’ First he saw the "shadowy silhouette of a man," later he implicated Amanda and Raffaele in an orgy where he was a bystander. The ‘evolution’ occurred during the five-month period AFTER he was in Perugian custody; the police polished Guede like an apple.

In the 400 DNA samples collected on Merdith’s person, in her bedroom, both bathrooms and the hallway, 90% was Guede’s. His fingerprints were the only ones found in her bedroom, the murder scene. His hair was collected from her hand; she managed to get a piece of him as she fought for her life. His bloody footprints were all over the apartment.

Guede was a known petty thief with a history of second story break-ins and threatening people with a knife. A rich benefactor had tossed him out because he would not attend school or work and was "a habitual liar." He was known to bother girls in the clubs and was banned from one club because he tried to rob the owner. He had been caught in a nursery school six days before the murder with a knife and stolen property from an earlier burglary. The day of the murder he was in trouble with his landlady for non-payment of rent; he was burglarizing Meredith’s apartment when she came home alone.

Now the Perugians are saying, "We may never know who killed Meredith." Really? Really??

I don’t care what color this guy is; what does common sense tell you? He killed Amanda’s roommate. This is just another distraction, one of many that the Perugians have piled on this case. They have been using the Kerchers as Pity Pawns and it is despicable, even the most mundane person can see who the killer is. The real villains here are Rudy Guede and the Perugian officials who are protecting him. Over and over we have watched the prosecution team try to derail justice and distract the public’s attention from Rudy Guede. Why, you ask?

Please consider that this whole fiasco is because Public Minister Giuliano Mignini was trying to distract the wagging tongues in Perugia from himself, he was in trouble with the law and there was a much more interesting character than Guede to keep those tongues busy.

Just before Guede killed Meredith, Mignini had been slapped with a lawsuit: Abuse of Office and Wiretapping. He and his associate, Police Officer Michele Giuttari had been busted tapping the phones of a Florentine public official, several police officers and the local newspapers. Mignini was using his power as a Public Minister to try and stop a book from being published.

And there was an American involved. Doug Preston, a novelist, was personally threatened by PM Mignini and chased from Italy. His co-author, Mario Spezi, an Italian journalist, was thrown in prison and all of his files on the Monster of Florence case seized. The two were about to publish their book on the famous Florentine serial killer and Mignini wanted to block publication so that his associate’s book could be published first.

Mignini’s associate is none other than Officer Michele Giutarri, his co-defendant in the Abuse of Office and Wiretapping suit. Doug had rallied the troops in Mario’s defense and the attention illuminated Mignini and Giutarri’s illegal activities, plus Mignini was already under scrutiny regarding he and Giutarri’s investigation in the Monster of Florence case. He had accused 21 people of being a Satanist mastermind or minion. He claimed that Satanists were switching bodies and even dug one up to try to prove it; he failed. He accused Mario Spezi of being The Monster himself. All of the poor unfortunates who crossed paths with Mignini were exonerated in court, the verdict: "The crime did not occur."

Mignini was angry, humiliated and he was losing Face; this powerful man needed a way to draw attention from himself. On November 2, 2007, just after 1pm, he got what he wanted, a British student had been murdered and there was an American girl at the scene.

Curt Knox has always maintained that "Common Sense is missing from this case, that there is not one molecule of Amanda’s DNA in the crime scene. So how could anyone say she committed the crime?" When you view this travesty in light of a powerful official whose job is in jeopardy, then common sense will tell you that powerful officials have a history of trying to distract everybody from their wrongdoings.

Ironically the girl Mignini thought he could spin into a slut was actually an angel. Ironically she has a very smart family who saw through the lies. Ironically someone else besides the wagging tongues in Perugia noticed that Mignini is a clever manipulator of Italian Law. Amanda and Raffaele are the 22 and 23 victims on Mignini’s Fail List; the verdict in their appeal: "The crime did not occur."

So stripped down and unadorned with a thousand lies, Meredith Kercher was killed in her bedroom by Rudy Guede while her robbed her home.

His DNA and his MO are proof. Mignini targeted Amanda as a distraction for Perugia and as revenge, his own personal dig at that pesky American who caused him so much trouble. Raffaele was a juicy bonus because his family had money and holdings. Mignini enlisted the help of Perugian officials who smooch his boo-tay or are in fear of him or just wanted to join in dishing on the Americans. Some have escalated this case into "Europe against the US," but stripped down and unadorned it is just some corrupt official taking advantage of three innocent university students and their families. I hope the Italian Supreme Court will investigate the nefarious history of Guiliano Mignini and reinstate Rudy Guede’s life sentence.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Loop.