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83-year old Island Man Missing - Search Called Off Due To Darkness

Jack Randal
Jack Randal

The Search and Rescue team has been searching today for an elderly Alzheimer’s patient wearing tennis shoes and red pajamas.  He was last seen Wednesday evening around 6:30pm near Engel’s Gas Station on Maury Island walking on Dockton Rd.   He lives near Portage on Maury Island with his son Jory Randles.  The Search team has not found him yet and have just called off the search for the day due to darkness.

If you are out in the community, please keep an eye out for him.  His name is Jack Randal, he is a white 87 year old male, has white hair and a white mustache.  He is approximately 150 lbs. and 6 ft tall.  If you live near the area where he was last seen and have any out-buildings on your property that he might be able to take shelter in, please check them to see if he might be there.

Last scene:  Engel’s Gas Station area on Dockton road, last 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, wearing red pajamas

Call 911 and asked for the information to be passed to the Search Command post.