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2014 Vashon Island Concerts in the Park

Mark your calendars, summer is almost here and so are the annual free Summer Concerts In The Park.  Bring the family!  There’s plenty of grass and natural burms to spread out those picnic blankets and enjoy some wonderful music on a warm summer night.  Families can come relax, let the kids play on the playground and enjoy the entertainment at these summer events in our very own Ober Park.

The concerts are presented and funded by Vashon Park District in association with Vashon Events.   
If you’ve never experienced the warmth of community at the cool nights of summer concerts in the park, you’re in for a special treat.  Join us for these magical evenings and enjoy the diversity of these amazing bands right here on Vashon Island.

First up on Thursday, June 19th at 7pm is The Country Lips.

Country music gets a bad rap, and it’s mostly the fault of goody two-shoes like Keith Urban and Garth Brooks. I mean, back in the day, country was full of bad boys (and if you’ve never read George Jones’s memoir, I Lived to Tell It All, you really should—that man was an animal!). Seattle’s Country Lips sound and play more like classic country’s raucous and rowdy boys—and their live shows are becoming legendarily wild. It’s hard to stand still when eight-plus members are bringin’ the foot-stompers. Country Lips are putting the party back in the original party music. Somebody had to do it. It’s not always about tears falling in your beer.  

Many, many years before the likes of Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, and Blake Shelton donned 10-gallon hats and began crooning about blue jeans and cheesy romance, country was the genre of choice for drunkards, rebels, and rockers. Seattle’s own Country Lips pay homage to that proud tradition, cranking out debauched ballads with slurred-speech choruses that would make Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard proud. The eight-piece band has a reputation for rowdiness (as should any roots country revivalists worth their weight in Jack Daniels).

The Country Lips Are:
Austin Jacobsen - bass
Trevor Pendras - electric guitar, vocals
Miles Burnett - drums, vocals
Hamilton Boyce - electric guitar, vocals
Alex Leake - acoustic guitar, vocals
Jonah Byrne - fiddle
Kenny Aramaki - keys
Gus Clark - accordion, mandolin