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2013 Quilt Show Ribbon Winners

Vashon Island Quilt Guild
Paula Finlinson’s quilt “Poppies” was the winner of the “Best of Show” ribbon.
Paula Finlinson’s quilt “Poppies” was the winner of the “Best of Show” ribbon.

Best of Show - Poppies by Paula Finlinson
Best Hand Quilted - My Friendship Spools by Ann E. Rindge
Viewers Choice - My Friendship Spools by Ann E. Rindge
Show Favorites -
Choco-O-Latte: Paula Finlinson
What Would Sue Do? Jean Jones
Fly Away: Jo Ann Bardeen
Millefiori: Ann Maher
Eric & Tera’s Wedding Quilt: Mary Langland, Family & Friends.

Large Quilts
1st Place: Mountain Celebration - Pat Stougard/Phyllis Manus
2nd Place: Eric and Tera’s Wedding Quilt - Mary Langland/Langland Family
3rd Place: Another Very Green Irish Chain - Margaret Bickel
Medium Quilts
1st Place: My Friendship Spools - Ann E. Rindge
2nd Place: Navajo Rose - Pamela Davis
3rd Place: Fly Away - Jo Ann Bardeen
Honorable Mention: Pumpkin Pie in Green - Barbara Jansen
Small Quilts
1st Place: Poppies - Paula Finlinson
2nd Place: Harmony - Paula Finlinson
3rd Place: Hattie - Kathy Pierce
Honorable Mention: Summer Flowers - Judy Dohm
Honorable Mention: Quilting Bee Tree - Ann E. Rindge
Extra Small Quilts
1st Place: Blue Heron - Kirsten Proffit
2nd Place: Quadrifolia - Ursula Dashiell
3rd Place: The Demon Tree - Barb Trenary
Honorable Mention: Myron’s Campfire - Barbara Jansen
Honorable Mention: Cosmic Burst - Joanna Guglielmino
Block of the Month
1st Place: Choco-O-Latte - Paula Finlinson
2nd Place: Oh My Stars! - Judy Dohm
3rd Place: Stars in My Flower Garden - Ann E. Rindge
Honorable Mention: Block of the Month - Barb Jansen
Honorable Mention: Pointless Stars - Kathy Pierce
1st Place: Sweatshirt - Sharon Aukland
2nd Place: Bentley’s Baby Jacket - Christine Millican
3rd Place: Child’s Jacket - Christine Millican
1st Place: Hibiscus Brilliant -Kathy Pierce
2nd Place: Blue Clematis - Georgia Galus
3rd Place: No Name - Cyndi O’Brien
Honorable Mention: Pizza Pillow - Mary Jacobs
1st Place: What?! I’m Moving my Sewing Stuff Again?!? - Su DeWalt
1st Place: Table Runner - Nancy Zellerhoff
2nd Place: Purse - Sharon Aukland
3rd Place: Table Runner Wintergraphix - Sharon Aukland
1st : Winter Wonderland - Pat Stougard
2nd: Snowmen A to Zzz - Barb Jansen
3rd: What? Who Me?! - Sharon Aukland