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‘Iridescent Inspiration’ Opens at Sunshine and Ideas

Tim Carney’s new show entitled ‘Iridescent Inspiration’ will debut at Sunshine AND IDEAS on Friday, October 7th at 6:00 PM

Tim Carney is an artist who is an alchemist at heart. He embodies his artwork with shimmering magic by using space age optical materials that disburse light and produces iridescent rainbow hues of eye dazzling colors.

Carney is a prolific artist who has produced hundreds of iridescent rocks with intricate patterns and designs that beg to be held in your hand, touched and admired.

Looking into his works deeply is like looking into a clear night sky and watching the heavens on fire.

Carney Aka: TimRockMan details the textures of natural materials like wood and rock with holographic gilding and printing methods he invented and developed starting in 1991. Optical materials are often embedded, such as laser-etched foils in combinations with acrylics, and enamels that together produce amazing effects.

Some of the several effects he employes are based on diffraction media which creates intense colors and 3D illusions. Esoteric materials like laser-embossed foils and dichroic films are embedded in transparent layers. The colors appear to dazzle, like starlight and shimmer like water.

Tim will demonstrate one of his printing methods at Friday’s opening and talk about his 20 year exploration of these new mediums.

Sunshine and Ideas is open on First Fridays for Vashon’s Gallery Cruise 6:00 PM to 9:PM monthly. Gallery hours vary. Sunshine AND IDEAS is open for visitors whenever you see the rainbow open sign at the roadside in front of Parker Plaza on Vashon Highway or by appointment

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